It shall be the task of the Association to negotiate and enter into agreements on:
1 The broadcasting of members’ published works through radio and television and unaltered transmission of broadcasts to the public.

2 The use by public and private institutions within such establishments of members published works by making copies through photocopying or similar method or by transfer to machine readable form.
The Association may assign the right to negotiate and to enter into agreements according to this section to a Collective Administration Organization in the field of copyright, formed by right shoulders’ associations and with tasks of a corresponding nature.


1 Any group of ordinary members of the Association in any of the provinces who wish to register themselves into a branch of the Association may make written application to be recognized as a branch of the Association.

2 In the event that at an Annual General Meeting such an application is approved, then the members in question shall forthwith elect a Chairperson a Secretary, a Treasurer and such other executive members may decide.

3 The duly elected Secreatry of the Branch shall at all times maintain a register of the members may decide.

4 All Branch Chairpersons shall call Branch Annual General Meetings prior to the National Annual General Meeting and submit minutes of the Branch Annual General Meeting and an annual report to the National Executive Committee at least a month before the National Annual General Meeting.